Ted Milton

I’ve known Ted Milton for many years and when he asked me to stand in for an absent guitarist, I thought, “How am I going to make this work? Three Leos in the same band…. a potentially explosive mixture…” But that’s where the raw energy of a three piece comes from. You can’t sit around daydreaming with a three piece… You have to work together. That was the great thing about Blurt… never a dull moment (oh!… I forgot hanging about for three hours after the soundcheck, waiting to go on stage!!).

Ted Milton, Ode to be seen...

Ode, To Be Seen Through Your Eyes

I played on “60 minutes of Blurt in Blighty” and on “Gravespit” from the Abstract Magazine LP, as well as the 12″ maxi single “Ode, To Be Seen Through Your Eyes”. That’s not forgetting the many tours across Europe, the US and Canada. I can honestly say that my time with Ted and Blurt was an extremely educational and inspiring time for me!