Das Bunker (2017)



My latest film  ‘Das Bunker’……….. is a small nod to the great claustrophobic epic.

The film is set in a bunker environment as a vehicle for my own personal feelings of confinement and yet secure self delusion. A feeling of being completely cocooned from any outside invasion, a feeling of a lonely battle with the dark night of the soul…

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27 Times Time (27 Fois le temps 2016)

Another great film by Annick Ghyjzelings which I did the soundtrack to

You can watch the trailer here…

You can read the ’27 Times Tim’ Presskit here (PDF).






Walter and Wendy (2017) still in production

“Walter and Wendy” is a study of a very sensitive area of human existence….what happens when you are a woman living in a man’s body?….. And what happens to you if you are an innovator and a musical genius…?











The Very Minute (2013)

The very minute -

Images are shadows. Haunting memories are shadows. Migrants who cross borders are shadows. Passing minutes are shadows. Sparkles of light that come from the deepness of the night are shadows.A film made of seven fragments shot through Europe and Africa. While an ending love story crosses the road of immigrants, the film explores the various forms of exile, disappearance and survival.

Directed by: Annick Ghijzelings

Image, sound, editing: Annick Ghijzelings

Original music: Herman Martin

Production: Annick Ghijzelings




La Lune (2003)

Did you see the moon last night?  In “La Lune” , the moon gently crosses the frame, its movement linked to the rotation of the earth. The soundscape, a repetitive chant, almost hypnotic, stretches the limits between word and sound.The picture of the star never ceases to transform itself during its trajectory, creating an image of a strange yet poetic appearance : a re-familiarization with the familiar.



Le Jardin (2003)

Le jardin, annick Ghijselings A garden. A portrait abandoned against a wall, a summer evening. The four seasons of a year. A table of artists who attempt to pass the time away. Yet, something arises, something light and flowing and faint.

Director: Annick Ghijzelings
Image: Rémon Fromont
Sound: Quentin Jacques
Editing: Michèle Hubinon
Mixing: Franco Piscopo
Original Music: Herman Martin



The Insane Bucket Posse (2006)

An obsessive study of the relationship between man, machine and the bizzare soundscapes created by their interaction,culminating in a cacophony of confusion, yet with a disturbing undercurrent of possible sexual dominance through the use and abuse of the machine!






Un Colonial

Un Colonial chez les Celts. (2010)

A film from the master of the absurd Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Completely bonkers of course but I did the soundtrack for this one.







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