Geezer Young

Geezer Young

Well… what I’m doing at the moment is trying to record some Blues/hippy keyboards on an album by a nutty Yank called ‘Geezer Young’ (photo) that I’ve known for a few years. Geezer has a great mumbling blues voice. The problem is he wants me to play a ‘Joe Zawinul’ type thing on piano! Yep…

What’s wrong with Zawinul? Nothing, of course. But if you play his type of stuff on a blues track, you immediately end up in a total harmony clash. Geezer plays loads of open-tune straight major chords. Adding 6/9 stuff takes it in a completely different direction and pulls the attention away from the singing. So instead of blues with some jazz, it’d be jazz with some blues. I could do it, but it would be weird.

Thinking about it, maybe he needs something more like Bill Payne of Little Feat. ?