What have I been doing?

What have I been doing?

Aug 08-Finished mixing the album “Pretensions”…all seems to have gone well !  I’m pleased with it….. So you can have a listen to some of the unmastered tracks on the Jazzoid page.

July 08-‘Mtyland,’ the dance piece with Claire O’Neil, is now basically finished and has left for New Zealand with a few finishing touches to be done with the company when they start rehearsals!

July 08-Ok! Everything is ready and all I have to do is wait for the prospective ‘mixer’ to come back from his holiday and then its over to studio ‘ICP’ (Brussels) to finish the Jazzoid project, then I can start to punt around for some distribution and other stuff!!

May 08-Received a mail from a very old guitarist friend of mine, who I’d lost contact with about 23 years ago. He came over to Brussels and put some very nice finishing touches to the long awaited “Pretensions” project.

April 08-Start collaboration on the music for a new dance work ‘Mtyland’ with Claire O’Neil/Fidget Co. To be toured around New Zealand in September.