2007: Jazz and Pretensions

2007: Jazz and Pretensions

Nov 07-Concentrating on finishing off this ‘Pretensions’ project.

Oct 07-Composed and performed live for “Loaded” with Claire O’Neil/Fidget Co.

Sept 07-Started working on Claire O’Neil’s new solo project, “Loaded”, with performances in October.

Aug 07-I’ve been in a studio in deepest Flanders with lots of nice analog gear called “On The moon” an offshoot of ‘’, recording some live drums for my album “Pretensions” which is slowly coming together….(I’ve said that before)

June 07-Time for more ‘Jazzers’ to come around the shoe box for some horn section stuff. I tried recording the baritone sax and the trombone before but as an ensemble..but that didn’t work out cos the studio was too cold and the both of them kept ‘moving’ around the mic, so now I’ve done them separately and its much better!!

April 07-Coming to the end of season 4 of “Code Lyoko” lots of stuff has been done and I’m feeling a bit shagged out! But the whole 96 episodes of all the 4 seasons have been sold to 160+ countries around the world!!

Jan 07-Started on Season 4 of “Code Lyoko”… that will keep me busy for the next 6 months!