2006: Jazzoid and the Insane Bucket Posse

2006: Jazzoid and the Insane Bucket Posse

Sept 06- 6 months working on the Jazzoid project,and it’s coming together ..kind of! Season 3 of Code Lyoko is running in France and in the US

June 06-Wrote a song for inclusion in an episode of “Code Lyoko” with a strange virtual band called the ‘Subsonics’…….which in fact doesn’t exist!

June 06 – “The Insane Bucket Posse” was wrapped up and premiered at the Danielle Arnaud Gallery in London, in an exhibition curated by Gerry Smith entitled “Outdoors”. A live version was then performed in front of various notaries in the garden (ie, outdoors).

Feb 06 – More jazzers coming round my studio to finish the electro-jazz album with working title “Pretensions of a Stranger in a Strange Land” due out in ????

Jan 06 – Starting work on new installation called “The Insane Bucket Posse” hopefully showing in April 06.